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Ultra Clean Advance Sealing/ Cleaning Technology

the Ultra Clean System, offers advanced cleaning over traditional flushing and other methods for ridding contaminants from hose, tube and pipe assemblies. The Ultra Clean System utilizes either a Hand-Held Launcher or Bench Mount Launcher to shoot Ultra Clean projectiles through hose, tube or pipe assemblies, ensuring contaminants are thoroughly dispelled.

Building on our core product, we offer Clean Seal System, which uses a proprietary heat shrink technology with our Clean Seal Capsules to securely seal the ends of cleaned hose and tube assemblies, providing a superior alternative to traditional caps and plugs. To help eliminate contamination and oil spills when removing SAE flanged hose and tube assemblies, we developed the Clean Seal Flange. The Clean Seal Flange provides a quick seal over the SAE flange when components are being removed or switched out, keeping the oil in the hose or tube, and harmful contaminants out. This manual provides detailed information on these systems and associated products and parts.